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Version: 4.17.1

Getting Started


# use the main branch

npm install starknet

# to use latest features (merges in develop branch)

npm install starknet@next

Running test locally

With Devnet

Example devnet version is 0.4.2.

Get devnet with docker:

docker pull shardlabs/starknet-devnet:0.4.2
docker run -p 5050:5050 shardlabs/starknet-devnet:0.4.2 --seed 0

Open new console tab, go to your starknet.js directory and run:

npm run test # all tests
npm run test ./__tests__/contract.test.ts # just one test suite

By default defaultProvider tests will be ran through the Sequencer.

If you want to run defaultProvider through the RPC run:

export TEST_RPC_URL = ""

# only RPC related tests:
npm run test ./__tests__/rpcProvider.test.ts

Compiling Starknet Contracts

Please check the Starknet documentation here to compile starknet contracts.

Additional helpful resources can also be found at OpenZeppelin documentation site.

Get the class hash of a contract: starkli.

Full example with account & erc20 deployments

Please take a look at our workshop using OpenZeppelin contracts here.

Example with Argent contract here.